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“You dream, We deliver.”  We can finance you to buy our UAVs.

VISION Alliance Lp vision is to supply cost effective and tailor made UAS as a superior alternative to flying fixed or rotary wings conventional aircrafts for aerial surveillance, terrain analysis, exploration, disaster recovery and many other applications. We offer our clients a service second to none.

OUR MISSION We market low-cost unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Alliance Lp offers high-tech drone platforms of small and medium size, vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL UAVs). Our systems are designed to specifically target mission critical applications mainly in the civil but also defense markets.

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Helicam Shooting Movie in Krabi (Thailand)

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Alliance H-2 UAV First Flight Test

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Alliance Lp Drones Aerospace


We offer much more than supply you with a UAV system made specifically for your requirements; we can train UAV Pilots and Engineers with certified instructors, we can assist and advise during all phases of your project development and provide you with different options for maintenance contracts. Research and development of new technologies and implementation of innovative manufacturing materials is key for the production and commercialization of innovative and competitively priced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Our Vision is to engineer and develop proprietary systems and to timely detect new market demands in order to provide early solutions. Although UAV technology is mainly used by the military, we have opted to adapt our UAVs to fulfill civilian needs. Alliance Lp Drones would like to participate and contribute in making a difference by developing UAS to be used in Disaster Areas, Accidents, Rescue and Humanitarian Missions. Current industry forecasts suggest that the demand for civilian UAVs will surpass military demand by early 2015.