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We offer your organization advisory services in an objective and independent manner. We will, Define, Analyse, and Present our recommendations to your firm and assist you with the implementation of new unmanned robotic systems.
When a company or an individual enters a new field they can find themselves at a disadvantage from an understandable lack of knowledge, it is imperative for companies facing this challenges to use the services of an independent consultancy firm to ensure a successful and cost effective implementation, particularly with unmanned technologies as it is a new field for the civil sector and still largely unregulated.
Many new UAV/Drones companies are emerging on a monthly basis as this sector is experiencing a tremendous growth. In order for your company to make an informed decision it's generally a good business practice to hire a third party as an independent consultant to ensure an effective due diligence.


​Unmanned platforms are devices equipped with data processing units such as; sensors, cameras, telemetry system, navigational system, automatic control, data analysis & communication systems. This unmanned vehicles systems are capable of performing fully autonomous tasks. Unmanned systems include; UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UGVs Unmanned Ground Vehicles, UUVs Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, USVs Unmanned Surface Vehicles, and other types of unconventional platforms.
We integrate multiple unmanned platforms into a single environment. We have the expertise and operational capabilities to provide advanced technological mission planning and system management. By implementing Alliance UAV technologies only one operator can execute tasks and monitor all activities of multiple unmanned vehicles.
Alliance UAV enables you to design a specific multi vehicle program with complex multiple cross dependencies integrating rapid payload interchanges and operators ease of use.
Our turnkey unmanned assets meet the highest industry standards, and our custom made can offer our clients an array of different options for the implementation and deployment of unmanned mission specific solutions. 
Our areas of expertise include: custom made unmanned solutions, energy systems, unmanned modeling and control, air vehicle design, sensors and information processing, communication and computer software vision systems, mission management, artificial & machine intelligence, image recognition & data processing, multi agent system integration and design, robotics, vehicle testing, manufacturing.
We are capable of transictioning technological applications trough our proprietary research and development programs to real world practical and user friendly applications.
Alliance system aid private and governments agencies to solve problems such as; perception in difficult visual conditions, platform operation in adverse weather conditions, ability to operate in a GPS denied area, challenging unmanned navigation in highly complex terrain, multiple platforms management.
Our team is also focused on unmanned systems interoperability and establishing system standards through top positions in the AS4/JAUS Working Group and the UAS Control Segment Architecture Working Group UCS/WG. 
Our custom technology is AS4/JAUS compliant with video control interfaces. Alliance systems are open/modular for images/video, transmission and compatible with many platforms. We work in close cooperation with our experienced employees and strategic partners to envision and design the future of unmanned technologies products internationally.

Alliance Lp Drones LTD's first world leading client.

We are pleased to have supplied our services and products to the world's largest colored precious stone mining company, Gemfields PLC. As the parent company of The House of Faberge, founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Gemfields PLC came to us wanting our expertise in providing security and surveillance at Montepuez Ruby Mining, one of their top producing mines in Mozambique. It was one of our proudest moments during our first two years of operation.

Fabio 150

Fabio Fea


We supply UAVs platforms in SE Asia as an integral part of our clients’ business; respecting their culture and protecting their reputation.

Our collaborative approach is just one reason why as a new company we are getting a lot of interest in our products and service.

We aim to deliver our clients the very best high-tech UAV platforms available on the unmanned aviation industry today at very competitive quotes, and bringing to the market an outstanding aerial platform by proposing the highest quality, durability and performance products at an unmatched price level.

Alliance Lp is a newly-established agency with a primary interest in market and supply innovative aeronautical solutions for aerial surveillance and tactical operation support for a number of different applications.


Alliance Lp will continue to provide the same quality products and service to all of our clients in SE Asia. The future of UAV systems is very exciting and the market is rapidly growing. Our CEO Mr. Fabio Fea is a private pilot and he is passionate about the world of aviation.

Our objective is to become the leader and trusted provider for aerial application in many industries in this part of the world. We always seek the latest development in UAVs new technology application to deliver outstanding value and service to our clients.

Our primary market and our main focus is to supply professional commercial UAVs to the private sector.

UAVs for defensive deployment applications are only available to governments and official government organizations.

We understand our customers' needs and provide excellent support and advice.

You dream, We deliver.

"Our UAVs will enable Alliance to offer it's clients advanced, precise and high-quality aerial images at a fraction of the cost of manned aerial images."

“Our drones, your sky.”

Alliance -Tetra Quad Copter

This easy to fly and extremely versatile drone delivers high quality aerial photography. Its constructed using high quality carbon fiber and injection molded parts enabling this multi-rotor to deliver outstanding performance. This platform has a wide range of applications.

Alliance - Hexa Hexa Copter

Medium size high grade carbon fiber drone, very silent, ideal to transport medium and light payloads. This multi-rotor it's capable to operate in restricted spaces. Suitable for video-surveillance and reconnaissance.

Alliance - Octo Octo Copter

High grade carbon fiber Heavy Lift Octo Copter (RED Epic video camera). This multi-rotor high performance aerial platform has been developed mainly for professional Movie Productions. Flight time for this drone is approximately 30 minutes using Canon 5Dmk2. Flight times of 15 to 20 minutes are achievable with the RED Epic camera depending on weight, size and lens.

Alliance - Monster UAV Multicopter

Heavy lifting helicopter UAV with multi-role capabilities this platform its highly versatile and robust ideal for Engineering, Humanitarian, Rescue and Re-supply applications. This small cargo drone can be programmed to lift up multiple loads on 2 hooks and the UAS can fly to remote locations to drop off loads at 2 different locations. Monster is a high quality Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of performing many in-flight tasks with various payloads.

Alliance - Explorer Long Range UAV

The Alliance Explorer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) it's a long flight endurance UAS capable of carrying large payloads. Ideal for use by Governments, Border Patrol, Wildlife Management and Aerial Mapping as a high performance ISR platform. This UAS can house different types of Electro Optical Infrared (EO/IR) cameras. This platform can fly for more than 10 hours unnoticed thanks to it's innovative propulsion design and its medium/high altitude operational capabilities.

Alliance - A-Res High Altitude UAV

​A-Res is Alliance High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAV. This high-performance and low cost platform is made of an extremely lightweight airframe material and is equipped with Acoustic Vector Sensors (AVS). A-Res has a very low radar signature and is ideal for Intelligence/Reconnaissance. This state of the art passive countermeasure highly capable UAV incorporates the latest and most advanced unmanned technology available today.

Our main focus is to drive innovation in UAV technology and at the same time deliver superb value and safety.

We Design and Manufacture Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Alliance Lp Drones also supplies Naval and Terrestrial Drones.

Working in collaboration with our clients is key to establish a long term and successful partnership.

We start by understanding the individual needs and wants of our clients, and sustain this with open, honest and transparent communication.

All our aerial platforms are equipped with high resolution photo-video, thermography, or multispectral sensors our UAVs considerably simplify the work of professionals.

Permanent access to live video and telemetry give you way more than an "eye in the sky", we put you in the cockpit of a highly sophisticated aerial vehicle. Whether life-threatening situations or difficult to reach locations in cities or other areas: our drones are fast, quiet, precise and have the capabilities of reaching the limits of possibility.
Alliance Lp Drones commercial UAVs provide the basis for the latest DLR measurement techniques for the evaluation of parabolic trough power plants.

Some of the UAVs we design are used for the following application; Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Border Security, Communication Relay, Payload Flight Testing, Area Mapping, Erosion & Environmental Changes, Agricultural, Farming & Fishery Management, Fire Detection & Damage Assessment, Convoy Protection, Natural Resource & Wildlife Management, Pipeline, Power Plant & Factory Roof Inspection, Movie Production and more.
Our Drones can also be used in areas such as disaster reduction, emergency response, surveillance at events and police reconnaissance.

Alliance Lp Drones UAVs can be piloted manually or with automatic pilot function, using one or two ground operators depending on the type of service performed by the aircraft. We use complex software applications to control all operational aspects of the UAVs. All sorts of cameras and sensors can be mounted on the drones to perform different tasks.

Alliance UAVs cockpits utilize a state of the art and very powerful proprietary software, enabling pilots and flight operators to manage all down-link flight information, flight recorder data, and flight configuration. 
Our manufacturing can design and produce one off UAV systems for specific needs and individual customer requirements.

Alliance Lp Drones clients signed testimonials are available upon your request.

  • Unmanned Flight Training
  • Alliance Pilot/Engineers Training Courses
  • UAV Pilot Training in SE Asia (Alliance Certification)
  • UAV Pilot Training in Europe (EU Certification)

Rapid Prototyping Services

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Rapid Prototyping Solutions
• Airframe Conceptual Design - Mechanical, Electronic and Flight Control Systems Engineering
• Addictive Manufacturing Technologies - Aerodynamic Elasticity Simulations
• Wind Tunnel Testing and CFD Simulations – Cost Effective High Quality Prototype Production

Hermes Atmospheric Satellite Unmanned Aerial System

Conventional SATCOM technology comes with some drawbacks; satellites are expensive to manufacture and propelling these space crafts into orbit is also a very costly process. Once in orbit satellites can't be reclaimed for maintenance or any other technical or logistical requirements. 

Alliance Lp Drones Ltd., has completed the design and system architecture for a new unmanned ATMOSAT aerial vehicle. This system is capable of replacing low orbit satellites at a fraction of the cost. Other significant advantages of this system will be that this UAS will remain near earth facilitating all technical, maintenance and logistic operations. Our technology offers the capability of recalling Hermes ATMOSAT Unmanned Aerial System and land it within 2 hours instead of taking one year of preparation and send a manned mission to service a satellite. Hermes is also capable of flying as a conventional aircraft enabling this system to follow a geostationary flight path.

​Hermes UAV main applications include; communication relays, internet and cellular network, weather monitoring, border and perimeter security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to manufacture state of the art, and cost effective solar powered unmanned aerial platforms enabling the internet and communication age.

Hermes System Applications

The main civil, commercial and defense applications for this specific platform will be; low orbit satellite communication relays, extreme endurance air operations, weather monitoring, persistent geostationary surveillance, and actionable intelligence.

Alliance Lp Drones Ltd., Hermes ATMOSAT UAV will be capable of flying autonomously for extended periods of time. Our unmanned aerial systems will offer our clients; user friendly controls & system management, and significant cost reductions. Our ATMOSAT UAVs will also increase the effectiveness of logistical, and operational management.

Alliance Lp Drones research and development team has completed the design & development, and tested some hardware parts of a new and very advanced atmospheric satellite system. We designed and developed Hermes by using our own proprietary and unique technologies such as; pioneering aerodynamic structure design, introduction of new materials (carbon fibers and resins) combinations delivering the same qualities of steel but as light as a piece of paper, we also developed new solar power super-efficient energy storage units.

Team & Partners

Alliance Lp Drones Ltd's aerospace engineers, production engineers and technological partners bring to the table a long and valuable experience working in the unmanned technology field. One of our lead engineers has more than 35 years experience with the design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles for both civil and defense applications.

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