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We offer your organization advisory services in an objective and independent manner. We will, Define, Analyse, and Present our recommendations to your firm and assist you with the implementation of new unmanned robotic systems.
When a company or an individual enters a new field they can find themselves at a disadvantage from an understandable lack of knowledge, it is imperative for companies facing this challenges to use the services of an independent consultancy firm to ensure a successful and cost effective implementation, particularly with unmanned technologies as it is a new field for the civil sector and still largely unregulated.
Many new UAV/Drones companies are emerging on a monthly basis as this sector is experiencing a tremendous growth. In order for your company to make an informed decision it's generally a good business practice to hire a third party as an independent consultant to ensure an effective due diligence.


​Unmanned platforms are devices equipped with data processing units such as; sensors, cameras, telemetry system, navigational system, automatic control, data analysis & communication systems. This unmanned vehicles systems are capable of performing fully autonomous tasks. Unmanned systems include; UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UGVs Unmanned Ground Vehicles, UUVs Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, USVs Unmanned Surface Vehicles, and other types of unconventional platforms.
We integrate multiple unmanned platforms into a single environment. We have the expertise and operational capabilities to provide advanced technological mission planning and system management. By implementing Alliance UAV technologies only one operator can execute tasks and monitor all activities of multiple unmanned vehicles.
Alliance UAV enables you to design a specific multi vehicle program with complex multiple cross dependencies integrating rapid payload interchanges and operators ease of use.
Our turnkey unmanned assets meet the highest industry standards, and our custom made can offer our clients an array of different options for the implementation and deployment of unmanned mission specific solutions. 
Our areas of expertise include: custom made unmanned solutions, energy systems, unmanned modeling and control, air vehicle design, sensors and information processing, communication and computer software vision systems, mission management, artificial & machine intelligence, image recognition & data processing, multi agent system integration and design, robotics, vehicle testing, manufacturing.
We are capable of transictioning technological applications trough our proprietary research and development programs to real world practical and user friendly applications.
Alliance system aid private and governments agencies to solve problems such as; perception in difficult visual conditions, platform operation in adverse weather conditions, ability to operate in a GPS denied area, challenging unmanned navigation in highly complex terrain, multiple platforms management.
Our team is also focused on unmanned systems interoperability and establishing system standards through top positions in the AS4/JAUS Working Group and the UAS Control Segment Architecture Working Group UCS/WG. 
Our custom technology is AS4/JAUS compliant with video control interfaces. Alliance systems are open/modular for images/video, transmission and compatible with many platforms. We work in close cooperation with our experienced employees and strategic partners to envision and design the future of unmanned technologies products internationally.

Alliance Lp Drones LTD's first world leading client.

We are pleased to have supplied our services and products to the world's largest colored precious stone mining company, Gemfields PLC. As the parent company of The House of Faberge, founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Gemfields PLC came to us wanting our expertise in providing security and surveillance at Montepuez Ruby Mining, one of their top producing mines in Mozambique. It was one of our proudest moments during our first two years of operation.

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