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1-Alliance Lp Drones Ltd., is pleased to announce a Cooperative Partnership Program with the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Kasetsart University (ISAAC LAB). The partnership between the two parties is rooted in shared values to further technological development of advanced and innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to enable different organizations in the civil and commercial sectors to safely and efficiently accomplish their most difficult challenges of the future.Hermes ATMOSAT Stratospheric Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) technology is based on a proprietary multidisciplinary approach to problem solving developed by Alliance management and its team of experienced scientists and aerospace engineers. In order to meet the challenging objectives presented by HAEE (High Altitude Extreme Endurance) aerial platforms development we have successfully designed innovative lightweight structures, reliable engines and high performing power efficient solar cell technologies.The Partnership Agreement with the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Kasetsart University (ISAAC LAB) outlines a strategic partnership covering; wind tunnel testing, lab analysis, logistical and technical coordination in order to establish a manufacturing plant and testing grounds in the Kingdom of Thailand to further Hermes ATMOSAT Stratospheric Unmanned Aerial System project. logo alliance lp no shadow

2-A new technological sharing initiative has been agreed between Alliance Lp Drones Ltd., and Inmarsat Plc., world leading providers of global mobile satellite communication. More details for current clients to follow. logo alliance lp no shadow

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