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Fabio 150

Fabio Fea


We supply UAVs platforms in SE Asia as an integral part of our clients’ business; respecting their culture and protecting their reputation.

Our collaborative approach is just one reason why as a new company we are getting a lot of interest in our products and service.

We aim to deliver our clients the very best high-tech UAV platforms available on the unmanned aviation industry today at very competitive quotes, and bringing to the market an outstanding aerial platform by proposing the highest quality, durability and performance products at an unmatched price level.

Alliance Lp is a newly-established agency with a primary interest in market and supply innovative aeronautical solutions for aerial surveillance and tactical operation support for a number of different applications.


Alliance Lp will continue to provide the same quality products and service to all of our clients in SE Asia. The future of UAV systems is very exciting and the market is rapidly growing. Our CEO Mr. Fabio Fea is a private pilot and he is passionate about the world of aviation.

Our objective is to become the leader and trusted provider for aerial application in many industries in this part of the world. We always seek the latest development in UAVs new technology application to deliver outstanding value and service to our clients.

Our primary market and our main focus is to supply professional commercial UAVs to the private sector.

UAVs for defensive deployment applications are only available to governments and official government organizations.

We understand our customers' needs and provide excellent support and advice.

You dream, We deliver.

"Our UAVs will enable Alliance to offer it's clients advanced, precise and high-quality aerial images at a fraction of the cost of manned aerial images."

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