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Unveiling Our Vision for Solar Powered Atmospheric Satellite UAVs

Extreme Endurance

Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Welcome To Alliance Lp Drones Ltd, Welcome To Innovation

State of The Art UAS

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Leading Aerospace Senior Engineers

High Performance

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Easy to Operate

Easy to Deploy

Your Sky, Our UAVs

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Smart Powerful Unmanned Systems

Custom Made Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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First Unmanned Consultancy Firm in Asia

Cutting Hedge Technologies

Design and Manufacturing Services

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Complete System Architecture

High Altitude Platform Systems

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Best in Class Power Generation

Advanced Mission Management

Large Payload Capabilities

and Control

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Pioneering Technologies

Multidisciplinary Approach


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Advanced Algorithms and Smart Sensor Testing

Transformational Technologies

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High Technology Systems

HALE Specialists

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24/7 Client Services and Technical Assistance

Superior Capabilities in Tandem with Value


HQ Legal

  • Marina Towers 508, Newtown Barracks, Belize City 
  • Belize, Central America.


UK Representative 

  • 9A Minehead Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 9DW, UK.
  • Tel: +44 7710 049538


Aerospace Research 

  • Level 2 SCB Building, Sukhaphiban 5 Soi 92, 
  • Khet Sai Mai 10220, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Tel. + 66 (0) 2991 9044
  • Tel. + 66 (0) 99 861 5245


Asia Representative

  • 4-6 Kisohigashi, Machida city, Tokyo 194-0036 
  • Asia English Speakers: + 66 8 654 80 910


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Technical Enquiries
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Contact us to schedule an appointment for a live fly demonstration.

Other information

Our intention at Alliance LP Drones Worldwide is to lead the Commercial, UAV “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, UWV “Unmanned Water Vehicle” and UGV “Terrestrial Vehicles” markets by offering the best technological solutions at the right price.

Alliance services are unique and we fully customize your UAS platform, we also offer after sale services to fit your needs whether it is for civilian use or an instrument for rescue teams such as; Police or Firefighters. Since inception we recognize that our pursuit of that vision has significant impact on the communities where we live and work as well. The sum total of our actions demonstrates our long-standing values and tells the story of our company to the world.

Our story is evolving as we interact with our clients and partners. Our objective is to provide unique solutions designed by these interactions and through the ingenuity that is our brand, innovation, quality and forward thinking.

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