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Working in collaboration with our clients is key to establish a long term and successful partnership.

We start by understanding the individual needs and wants of our clients, and sustain this with open, honest and transparent communication.

All our aerial platforms are equipped with high resolution photo-video, thermography, or multispectral sensors our UAVs considerably simplify the work of professionals.

Permanent access to live video and telemetry give you way more than an "eye in the sky", we put you in the cockpit of a highly sophisticated aerial vehicle. Whether life-threatening situations or difficult to reach locations in cities or other areas: our drones are fast, quiet, precise and have the capabilities of reaching the limits of possibility.
Alliance Lp Drones commercial UAVs provide the basis for the latest DLR measurement techniques for the evaluation of parabolic trough power plants.

Some of the UAVs we design are used for the following application; Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Border Security, Communication Relay, Payload Flight Testing, Area Mapping, Erosion & Environmental Changes, Agricultural, Farming & Fishery Management, Fire Detection & Damage Assessment, Convoy Protection, Natural Resource & Wildlife Management, Pipeline, Power Plant & Factory Roof Inspection, Movie Production and more.
Our Drones can also be used in areas such as disaster reduction, emergency response, surveillance at events and police reconnaissance.

Alliance Lp Drones UAVs can be piloted manually or with automatic pilot function, using one or two ground operators depending on the type of service performed by the aircraft. We use complex software applications to control all operational aspects of the UAVs. All sorts of cameras and sensors can be mounted on the drones to perform different tasks.

Alliance UAVs cockpits utilize a state of the art and very powerful proprietary software, enabling pilots and flight operators to manage all down-link flight information, flight recorder data, and flight configuration. 
Our manufacturing can design and produce one off UAV systems for specific needs and individual customer requirements.

Alliance Lp Drones clients signed testimonials are available upon your request.

  • Unmanned Flight Training
  • Alliance Pilot/Engineers Training Courses
  • UAV Pilot Training in SE Asia (Alliance Certification)
  • UAV Pilot Training in Europe (EU Certification)

Rapid Prototyping Services

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Rapid Prototyping Solutions
• Airframe Conceptual Design - Mechanical, Electronic and Flight Control Systems Engineering
• Addictive Manufacturing Technologies - Aerodynamic Elasticity Simulations
• Wind Tunnel Testing and CFD Simulations – Cost Effective High Quality Prototype Production

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